Gistlover: Exposed, How The Late Alafin Of Oyo And His Queens Buy Babies From Baby Factory

Gistlover: Exposed, How The Late Alafin  Of Oyo And His Queens Buy Babies From Baby Factory

Gistlover: Exposed, How The Late Alafin Of Oyo And His Queens Buy Babies From Baby Factory

This is the continuation of the Badirat, Queen Ola story. Check the previous post to get the full story.

Badirat became a nuisance in the palace , and after snatching Mc Oluomo from the queen they presented all her escapades to the king with plenty evidence of several men wey she dey kanck, do how people from Lagos dey sneak in come knack her for princess court, how 9ice the musician knack her and all her other men Sha, for the second time the king got angry and ordered that the palace guards arrest Ola and lock her up in the palace cell, and assigned heavy securities on her, the king also instructed that they should not give her food, she then threatened the king that all the secret they were all hiding in the palace she will expose it, this same secret they have been using it to blackmail Alaafin of oyo for so long, the first one is, the little wives that the king married he is not the one that impregnated all of them ( I have voice note evidence from one of the queen, I will post it after this post) there is a popular baby factory in shagamu that act as intermediary between the King and his small small wives, the name of the baby factory owner is madam Joy, you know when the Queen started giving birth and they were giving birth to Twins, triplet and all, the whole world thought it was IVF but unfortunately it’s not, infact one of the queen confirmed that they were not allowed to visit the doctors except that person that gives them the herbs, so here is what the Queen said, she confided in somebody that the king is too old to product more children except his older kids, so they found a famous baby factory Doctor, they take the younger Queens to that doctor and he will give them a certain herbs that will make them have swollen stomach just as if they are pregnant, she said during those 9 month they must not take common paracetamol as it will affect the herbs given to them to make their tummy swell, she said whenever the woman has child to give them, they will then transport them to shagamu in the middle of the night and get back to oyo very early the next morning then transfer them to a certain hospital so people who wants to see them can come there and they pretend like they have birth there, some of the Queens don’t even know because some of them were unconscious through the process,but few of them know,in most cases when the said madam Joy does not have any baby one will have to carry the supposed pregnancy till they have one on ground, all of these were revealed by some of the Queens themselves as you can hear Queen Dami in this background explaining her own experience and how the herbs they give them to make their tummy swollen is strange and how she called it anjonu, how they paid 3m for each child, how the so called herbs makes them sleepless, so abeg no be me talk am oooy na the Queens talk am themselves so Ola was using that to threaten the king, the second one was that Queen Ola once caught the king sleeping with one of Queen Omo sister because most of the Queens their family lives in the palace with them, so she made a recording and threatened to expose the king, so the king made sure all his wives promiscuous lives were not made public, it was while Ola was locked in the palace cell for few days without food she begged one of the palace guard to please help her get a phone, she called her manfriend( Mc Oluomo for LAGOS) and they both planned that while all the palace guards are sleeping at night, she should abscond and find her way to Lagos, say him go establish Ola for Lagos, Ola spoke to the chief guard and pleaded with him that if he can allow her escape he will make sure the guard is made for life, long story short Sha while other guard were sleeping in the middle of the night, Ola jumped the fence with the help of that senior guard, with her phone and money for tfare to get to Lagos, na so Ola turn to Lagosian till today.

Hear one of the queen shares her experience in a phone conversation.

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