Gistlover: All Late Alafin Of Oyo’s Twins Are Not Related

Gistlover: All Late Alafin Of Oyo’s Twins Are Not Related

The story of the Oyo palace saga continues, and this time the Late Alafin if Oyo’s brother discloses in a phone conversation that all the twins are not related according to DNA.

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So Badirat, Queen Ola jumps the fence and escaped to Lagos over the night,she got to Lagos and she continued her affair with MC oluomo, while in Lagos Mc oluomo opened her first store for her, all along after she escaped, the king ordered of the arrest of her dad and mum, placed a ban on her passport and made sure her account was freezed so she won’t have access to the money in her account, she was living her life in Lagos and getting to meet new people,all along while she left her kids in the palace, there is one of the kings son that goes by the name Skimeh, he saw that as an opportunity to check if those child truly belongs to iku baba Yeye, he took things needed from the King and took them for DNA, alas none of the children are for the king, the result of the DNA was kept in the kings file and skimeh have a copy of it too, while in Lagos, Ola started following other married men,after she got hint that the kids she left in the palace are not being taken care of, she then spoke to the guard and returned to pick those kids in the palace with the help of some of the security guards, while packing her stuffs, she has a spare key that she used to make use of if she want to steal baba’s money because kabiyeesi have a money bank in the palace, she entered that room, packed some money, got hold of some of the kings gold chain and ran back to Lagos with the kids,the king got angry and vowed to deal with her, long story short, Ola started going out with another agbero who is not in good terms with Mc then,the other agbero guy and mc were at logger heads but Ola no mind, so far the two of them dey pay, news got to mc Oluomo say na him rival ola dey knack now, he got really mad and cursed ola, told her not to call him again say na ungrateful girl, she moved to Kudeti who is Mc Oluomo assistant, other Queens in the palace were beginning to look for an escape route too because she was balling in Lagos, jumping from one married man to another, not long after, two Queens escaped from the pace again,( Queen Anu and Queen Dami);they also ran to Lagos where, too, that was the beginning of Ola’s problem, the king got furious and placed a ban on them, also called the commissioner of police.

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