Gistlover: Expose On Badirat Popularly Known As Queen Ola Of Oyo Palace And Jamiu (part 2)

Gistlover: Expose On Badirat Popularly Known As Queen Ola Of Oyo Palace And Jamiu (part 2)

Gistlover: Expose On Badirat Popularly Known As Queen Ola Of Oyo Palace And Jamiu (part 2)

Kindly check previous post for the part 1.

Queen Ola started an affair with Jamiu DAGUNRO then knowing fully well that Jamiu is married to Omobolanle, she sneaks out of the place most weekends to Lagos to meet Jamiu DAGUNRO,their affair later became known to Omobolanle the housewife of Jamiu.

she also got most of the nude pictures Badirat sent to her husband, she was angry and headed to the palace with evidence to disgrace Badirat( Queen Ola) on getting to the palace she met the king and explained her side of the story, how the Queen is always sneaking to Lagos to knack her husband,she also showed the king some of the nudes and text messages of ola she got on her husband phone, the king was angry and told her he will interfere, after Bolanle wife to Jamiu left, the king ordered that Badirat be locked in the palace prison for three days, she was locked and the king summoned Wunmi oyo( Badirat mother) to the palace.

Wunmi was crying and begging on her daughters behalf, the media was still under control then as it was city people and the rest that were trending then so they made sure the story didn’t go viral but few of oyo INDIGENES heard about the story, after Queen Ola( Badirat) was released from the palace prison she called Omobolanle that she will deal with her and make sure that Jamiu won’t come home again , a week after she was released and the king put a high security on her and made sure her movement was monitored, she escaped one midnight again and headed to Lagos, she got to Lagos and Jamiu already rented an apartment in Lagos for her then, that was how Jamiu left the house and moved to the new apartment he rendzed for Ola, a whole Oyo Queen elope to Lagos and was living in a face me I slap you apartment ( just like saro and Arolake in Anikulapo movie) .

Jamiu wife again cried to the king that her husband has left the house and rented an apartment for Ola but she didn’t know the exact location, the story they were trying to keep then got viral then, the king ordered for the arrest of Dagunro the father of Jamiu then and DAGUNRO was granting interviews those days that the king was after his life because of his son Jamiu, long story short Sha, to punish Jamiu, the King made sure that Omobolanle

To send a strong signal and punish Jamiu, the king gbese me( seized) Jamiu’s housewife then, Omobolanle and made sure he married her, Omobolanle who wants to revenge and teach Queen Ola lesson too agreed to the King verdict, naso she became queen for Oyo kingdom too(you can check out her handle,queen Omobolanle na her IG name) .

After plenty threats from the King and Ola begin see say na only prick she dey chop for lagos, Kobo no dey Jamiu hand, no money to maintain her baby girl lifestyle, naso she go carry her mama and family and they all returned to the palace begging the King, the King refused bluntly and insisted they provide Jamiu but they kept sending chiefs and people to beg Alaafin, that was how Alaafin accept Badira Ajekun Jamiu to the palace back ooo but it was a little too late as kabiyeesi don marry Jamiu wife to retaliate and show them the power of a king after Ola returned to the palace, Omobolanle was already gaining grounds and became a big competition for Ola, Omobolanle too refuses to go back to her husband, Jamiu wey them born one son together, Bola don taste palace life and the respect attached to it naso Bola turn Mario, so after Ola returned to the palace, she made sure she started using her social media for controversy again, she was always entering celebrities DM, inviting them to the palace so they can tag her and she can be visible as the only Queen, while Omobolanle was taking over her place in real life in the kings heart, seeing that attention is divided again, Ola jumped to another Actor and was secretly KNACKING him, the actor name na Alesh onilegbale, she was dating that one and some Yahoo guys because then Yahoo was a thing, so she got alot of those Yahoo boys in her palm, all along she has her eyes on Mc tuta because there was a certain Queen in the palace that was dating Mc and Mc dey spoil that one with money and cash then, her name is Queen folashade( ayaba folashade is her IG handle) popularly known as iya meta because she gave birth to triplet for the King, so Ola don dey eye Mc since when Mc de date folashade those days, naso Ola steal Mc number from folashade phone, called him and introduce herself

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