Gistlover: Expose On Badirat Popularly Known As Queen Ola Of Oyo Palace (Part 1)

Gistlover: Expose On Badirat Popularly Known As Queen Ola  Of  Oyo Palace (Part 1)

Gistlover: Expose On Badirat Popularly Known As Queen Ola Of Oyo Palace.

Read how Queen ola was arrested in umrah and how her Side prick( Mc Oluomo) way back from palace came to her rescue with 10m Naira but as it is she came with plenty shalaye yesterday laced with plenty lies so I think the best thing to do is to start this gist from the root for those who doesn’t understand how this badira girl got into the palace although some of our old followers are familiar with this gist but for the gen z or new followers, we will start from the scratch before we add the reason why she was arrested and what role olaiya and the rest played in this, oya ebami kalooo(let’s go there)

Story story, story, once upon a time, time time, in the city of oyo there lived a powerful king who goes by the Name, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi Iku Baba Yeye, this king Reigned for many years and likes puna so much, his palace was filled with wives, beautiful women, both young and old, some he wooed himself, some was gifted to him, some forced their ways into the palace, aside the numerous wives has has, he also has lots of concubines, those categories are the ones who does not want to become his queen but want to enjoy the fame, power and money, these ones are more bothered by the money and benefits than the Queen title, among the Concubines is one upcoming Yoruba actress then, her name is WUNMI BELLO, she warms kabiyeesi beds at intervals, she frequents the palace on different occasions, even some of the Queens got to know he is one of the numerous kabiyeesi side piece and as at then she was still married but sneaks to the palace to warm kabiyeesi bed, the WUNMI BELLO IS QUEEN OLA MOTHER, those days she sometimes goes to the palace with Badirat that turned herself to Queenola now, the affair of Kabiyeesi Adeyemi,iku baba Yeye with Wunmi those days was everywhere in Oyo kingdom,not long after Wunmi Bello suggested to the king that she wants to gift her daughter, Ola to the palace to be helping some of the Queens do their chores and all, although this doesn’t sit well with some of the Queens but the King accepted Ola to come live in the palace and be helping the Queens, Ola was assigned to one of the Queens and she was she living in the palace as a young girl,she saw all the glamour, the respect and hype that comes with being a Royal mother, she was age 17 or so then, not long after she and her mother decided they did present Badira to the king as a gift to add to the arrays of wives in the palace, Ola told her mum she was tired of being the Queens help say she want become Queen gangan, long story short Sha, Wunmi who is the Alaafin of Oyo concubine presented her daughter to the king, according to her she said if she can’t be accorded as a Queen, her daughter will sure be accorded as one, so she presented Ola to the King to marry as the youngest wife, the place went agog then as the Queens were not having it say pikin wey dey help them carry bag and do their chores want dey follow them drag iku baba Yeye, this story was the talk of the Town, oyo indigenes dragged Wunmi Bello who was popularly known as wunmi oyo those days, after all said and done, the king insisted that Ola will not leave the palace for the other Queens, that was how Badirat the daughter of Wunmi Bello( Wunmi oyo) became the youngest Queen out of greed, after her marriage right was done and she started living as a Queen in the Oyo kingdom, she was given her own room and was accorded all the honor of a Queen, trouble started when Badira discovered that Baba cannot perform as expected and aside that, Baba was taking turns to sleep in other Queens room each night,as a young girl who got married to an ancestor early in life, Badirat still need prick baje baje,so she came up with a plan, she made sure she polished herself to be the favorite of the King, she opened a social media account for the king and herself and was always posting those days while other Queens were not exposed, she was the only Queen on the social media space with the King,this attracted alot of men to her and that was the beginning of her problem, those days there was a popular actor who goes by the name DAGUNRO, the DAGUNRO has a son who goes by the name Jamiu, Jamiu was married to a young lady named Omobolanle and they have a son together, Badirat who was denied better prick in the palace

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