Skye Bank Chairman, Tunde Ayeni Moves To Retrieve Multi-Million Naira Office Gifted To Female Lover Over Paternity Claim

Skye Bank Chairman, Tunde Ayeni Moves To Retrieve Multi-Million Naira Office Gifted To Female Lover Over Paternity Claim

Nigerian businessman and former chairman of defunct Skye Bank, Tunde Ayeni has asked his estranged lover, Adaobi Alagwu, to vacate an office building he gifted her.

Ayeni is currently enmeshed in a paternity mess with the woman. He is alleged to have fathered a child, a baby girl, with Adaobi, a claim he has blatantly denied.

The female lawyer was a classmate of the businessman’s daughter.

It was learnt that after SaharaReporters exposed the scandal, Ayeni asked the lady to vacate the multi-million naira building.

The building is located at 36, Birao Street, Wuse 2, back of AP Plaza, off Adetokunbo Ademola Street in Abuja.

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The building is located at No 36, Birao Street, Wuse 2, back of AP Plaza, off Adetokunbo Ademola Street in Abuja and was gifted to this lady to set up her chamber by Ayeni. He has told her to leave the premises. Though the lady said he has no right to do that since he already gave it to her,” a source familiar with the issue told SaharaReporters.

Meanwhile, SaharaReporters gathered that Adaobi in a letter to Ayeni warned him against such action.

In the letter, the lawyer wondered why the businessman had been denying the pregnancy despite paying her flight tickets, hospital bills to have the baby in United States and even more so that the child’s international passport carried his name which he was very much aware.

She went on to describe him as a “loser” and “user.”

“Ada recently wrote a letter to Ayeni telling him; he can’t possibly deny the pregnancy because he paid her flight tickets and hospital bills to have the baby in US. The letter also contains her insistence on keeping the office building in Abuja that he gave to her, saying Ayeni only denied the baby because of his wife at home and his many ‘girlfriends’,” the source noted.

Another source familiar with Ayeni’s recent woes said, ‘Atiku’s loss at the elections is a big blow for Ayeni and he’s now back to square one and no federal might to harass anyone. And there are whispers within Atiku’s inner circles that Atiku’s loss is remotely linked to Ayeni’s shady dealings and many legal battles including his debt to AMCON which is reported to be well over N230billion.

“Ada knows Ayeni is afraid of her and her letter to him is reported to have sent shivers down his spine and indeed Ayeni has been scared with the letter and has been trying to manage Ada,” a source privileged to see the letter said.

SaharaReporters had reported how important briefs given to a law firm owned by Ayeni, were diverted to Airbridge chambers owned by Adaobi.

A former lawyer in the law firm had claimed the businessman handed important briefs and clients to Adaobi to handle despite being a young lawyer all in a bid to please her. With fresh updates revealing that Ayeni may be closing in with a new lady whose name starts from T, with an intention to find his way back to the ruling party.

However, Ayeni had publicly denied being the father of the lawyer’s baby.

“To continue to spread this unfounded tale is not only unfair to our friend, but also an embarrassment to the lady who knows the father of her baby. Tunde has got nothing to do with this.

“In 2016, businessman Tunde Ayeni met and dated Ada briefly, and being a perfect gentleman he had presumed her to be a decent and respectable lady, one who can be considered for future prospects should the possibility arise. But alas! A Leopard cannot hide its spot for too long. Realising that he could not cope with her numerous escapades and being a highly responsible individual, He called off the relationship at once within just a matter of months.

“Having ended the relationship with Ada, Mr. Tunde Ayeni moved on with his life since 2019 and had put all the unpleasant experience in the past. It came as a rude shock and is highly traumatising, the recent rumor gaining grounds within the FCT of a paternity row between Ada and Tunde,” a statement by his media team had read.

However, sources familiar with the duo’s relationship confirmed Ayeni as the father of the baby.

“Isn’t it funny that Tunde Ayeni is in a pregnancy dispute with a 30 years old girl, younger than his first and only daughter,” a relative of Adaobi had told SaharaReporters.

He described Ayeni’s statement as a panic move and an attempt to shut Adaobi up because “he suddenly realised his folly and the lifetime pain this has brought on his long suffering wife and children. Not only is Adaobi Alagwu as young as his daughter, she was in fact in the same class as his daughter.

Another source had described Adaobi as a temperamental lady who is lost likely hell bent on ensuring Ayeni takes responsibility of the child and continue to foot her bills.

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