Exposed: Meet Anambra State Killer Corp And Organ Harvester, Patrick Agbazue

Exposed: Meet Anambra State Killer Corp And Organ Harvester, Patrick Agbazue

Exposed: Meet Anambra State Killer Corp And Organ Harvester, Patrick Agbazue, meet CSP Patrick of Road 25, Ngozika Estate Awka, Anambra who is also a serial killer and organ harvester. He is the SARS COMMANDER in ANAMBRA, He is behind most of the kidnap cases, extortion and organ harvesting in ANAMBRA.

As I am about to take you through a journey of this evil boy atrocities, the only help I need from you all is to tag NIGERIA POLICE FORCE massively, we do not know his next target in Anamabra
There are people that were arrested and never came back.
They were all killed by CSP Patrick Agbazue and Inspector Harrison Akama who is Patrick hitman now Married to SPO Princess, Which is totally against the ethics of their job, @nigeriapoliceforce should look into it, They all came together to from a deadly squad and I will give details of how they operate below

Once Patrick and his team are set you during their parades , there is a possibility that you are not going home alive, it’s in two categories, it’s either he kills you for having enough money in your account and taking your vehicle and transferring all your money to a certain account or he kills you for not having any money at all, you see those two categories are the categories alot of people fall in, he has one popular habit, he has a room he takes his victims to , torture them and write a note for them ,he will make them confess to a crime they didn’t commit before he and Harrison Akama kills and harvest their organ,
All the vehicle CSP Patrick is driving was taken from suspects he arrested and murdered in cold blood
Even the white camry spider he drove to work yesterday is owned by a Yahoo guy he murdered in cold blood,As of yesterday his accounts number, 2282966036, Zenith bank Agbazue Patrick Chukwuemeka has alot of millions in it With choice properties scattered all over Nigeria, a CSP that earns a little above 200k a month has all of this gathered together,New World Mortuary Nteje is where most of the bodies he kills are deposited with the help of one Hausa guy named Sanni, He does all the illegalities concerning the morgue for them, they are supposed to deposit dead bodies to a teaching hospital but due to the number of illegal killings on a daily they are using a private morge.

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