Anambra State: Meet SP Princess Killer Corp And The Female Organ Harvester

Anambra State: Meet SP Princess Killer Corp And The Female Organ Harvester

The female in the organ harvesting group, meet SP Princess, the lady that controls ANAMBRA with her godforsaken private organ, she is a random SOURVENIR amongst politicians.

She’s a Superintendent of Police and she married a junior inspector of police, Officer Harrison Akama against police work ethics.

She warmed Arthur Eze and Willie Obiano beds in the past just to get ranks and connection in ANAMBRA even while still married to her first husband before he pursue that one come move to Harrison Akama who is a junior officer and also married before princess carry her puna come snatch Harrison.

She started an affair with on Inspector Harrison Akama serving in Awkuzu sars sometime in last year in order to solidify her relationship with SARS so as to continue all her illegalities.

The said Inspector Harrison Akama is the hit man of CSP Patrick Agbazue who is responsible of most of the extra judicial killings in anambra state.

SP Princess Nwode secretly married Inspector Harrison Akama in December against police regulations.

An SPO( Senior Police Officer) can NEVER marry a rank and file( ie from constable to Inspector rank) it amounts to instant dismissal, when she saw that she has gained entrance to Patrick through Harrison, she got Harrison Two brand new mikano trucks,

White and black, Harrison has since moved into Princess house and they go about bragging that they are untouchable, that’s how they come together to form a squad, once they get a Victim, they work hand in hand to make sure they achieve their illegal aim, princess who is the woman among them is used as their traps most times, they invade rich people houses , kidnap them and start calling their family for ransom, one thing is sure, it’s only 1 percent fo their victims that come out alive by the grace of God, the remaining 99 percent are missing forever , even the 1 percent.

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