Tales of Mimi Yina the serial home wrecker popularly known as Medlin Boss

Tales of Mimi Yina the serial home wrecker popularly known as Medlin Boss

Tales of a  Mimi Yina the serial home wrecker popularly known as Medlin Boss

According to Gistlover, Medlin mgbeke as been meddling in peoples marriage

Mimi Yina who lived in port harcourt and a fashion stylist who does not want to take life one step at a time but rather accumulate wealth overnight by cutting corners.

She had a bestie in port Harcourt back then named Ese, who was her partner in their Mini runs , but the money wasn’t coming in as expected, one very good day Mimi confided in her friend Ese that she got to know of a church  where they can help them Catch big clients and all, she told  ese to follow her and off they went, on getting to the place, Ese saw that it’s an herbalist place,after several talks and exchange of pleasantries, Medlin brought out her brothers cap and that got Ese really scared, long story short after they left there, ese asked her what the cloth was for and she told ese it was to get favour for the brother and all.

Shortly after the incident, medlin’s brother fell ill and it was terrible, the illness was for a short while .

The story of her using her brother for rituals and fame was all over port Harcourt, immediately the story leaked out, medlin knew where the story came from, she arranged few area boys and off to her friend house, when them found ese, they raped and beat her.

The matter got messy and police were searching for medlin In port Harcourt, this made her fled port Harcourt .

When she left Port Harcourt, she rebranded herself and left street hustling to social media hustling, she came online to catch bigger fish and she started by trying to form familiarity with every famous or rich married lady back then, that was how she met Nimi.

Nimi who is a baller and wife of a rich man, also popular on instagram.

Medlin  saw all the glamz nimi was flaunting online so she targeted nimi’s husband, she wanted that life so much, she came with the narrative of, she is Mimi also known as Medlin and the other lady is Nimi, so Nimi and Mimi.

The friendship was the beginning of Nimi’s woes, immediately Nimi posted Medlin, those who knows medlin ways called Nimi to order to disassociate herself from medlin or she will loose her home to medlin, that if her husband is a discipline man and medlin can’t penetrate, she will arrange girls to set the husband up and collect returns on them.

Nimi refuses to heed and told medlin who told her to ignore them that they are all jealous of her being close to a rich man’s wife, not long after, medlin senior sister called Nimi, she advised her that she has seen her own sister ruin several homes and the man will be held in captive for life, say she should be careful with her kids around Nimi too.

Instead of listening to all the warnings Nimi started giving medlin Money to support her business, Nimi will style herself and give the  credit to medlin just to promote her business oo, she will allow medl come to their mansion to take pictures for instagram.

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