Photos And Names Of Victims Of The 3 Anambra State Killer Cops And Organ Harvesters

Photos And Names Of Victims Of The 3 Anambra State Killer Cops And Organ Harvesters

Photos And Names Of Victims Of The 3 Anambra State Killer Cops And Organ Harvesters

Having revealed the three major Killer cops in Anambra state earliest, meet Azubike Anaeme who was Arrested last month in Ozubulu his hometown by Patrick and his ev1l squad, they took his vehicle with them but it broke down along ontisha-owerri express way and they left it there.Patrick and Harrison took him in, they tortured him with the help of princess, they made him write false statement that he sells gun after which Patrick transferred all the money in his account to another account before finally transferring it to himself, he then went ahead to make a damage control by writing fcmb to freeze the account as investigation is still ongoing on the account , he did this so Azubike family won’t track the account and won’t be able to access it.After achieving all these, he then killed him, his family has been looking for him without any directions.

New World Mortuary Nteje is where he kept Azubike corpse and most of his victims corpse.

2) He was an electrical engineer living in nnewi with his family.
He’s from imo state
Up until now, he’s family cannot give account of him
His offence?
His only offence was being the electrician to the suspect Patrick and his squad were looking for, he was arrested , tortured, they couldn’t transfer any money from his account because he has none, that’s was how this poor innocent life was cut short , more still coming , do not sleep, hello world , follow this story attentively.

3) Meet Obiefuna Onyedika Samuel, He is a Yahoo boy arrested by vigilante people for driving late at night, he was later transferred to them CSP Patrick station,Patrick seeing they the guy is a Yahoo boy took advantage of him, he made sure he transferred all the money in the guys account and the guy challenged him, that was how they took the guy to a seperate cell and started torturing him.

Patrick wrote down some false words for the boy to say about himself , they made him call himself Unknown gunman after plenty torture , if you check well, you will see the guy stuttering, he said all of those words under duress and plenty torture, He’s currently driving this guys vehicle, after k1lling him,He took the guys white camry, red Corolla and ash highlander 2015,after taking all his belongings they now released his video to bloggers that they have caught unknown gun men, like I said it was the vigilante people that hold this boy for driving late and his suspicious loud lifestyle , if the vigilante people can be invited and questioned thoroughly, they will confess who they handed over too, they arrested him in one of his car and after interrogation they discovered he has other cars, they now sent Harrison Akama and some boys, Harrison led the team that brought the remaining two vehicles

Ok, lets take it this way.
After all the confessions and allegations that he is unknown gunmen,What was recovered from him.was it not just cars and money , Was any gun, knife or even dagger recovered from him? Why is Patrick driving his cars? Why did Patrick transfer the money in his account ? When I posted the guy picture yesterday, why did Patrick return two of the cars to the station today ? More Questions left unanswered!!! More evidence still coming, make una never tire , we just dey start this case ni, meanwhile I hope Anamabra people are at alert about that morgue I talked about, it must be protected , you all will see alot of your missing family members there , Sanni must be protected too, they must not k1ll him, he must be alive to give details of how they run the morgue , for now his phone is off, I dey come

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