Lateef Adedimeji, Ibrahim Chatta, Mc Oluomo And Others Involved In Mosh And Aduke’s Failed Marriage

Lateef Adedimeji, Ibrahim Chatta, Mc Oluomo And Others Involved In Mosh And Aduke’s Failed Marriage

 Lateef Adedimeji, Ibrahim Chatta, Mc Oluomo And Others Involved In Mosh And Aduke’s Failed Marriage

Lagos big boy, Mosh and wife Aduke Doyin popularly known as creamys hair’s marriage hits the rock over paternity fraud and several infidelity.

Mosh is known to be hush puppi and Woodberry friend where he rose to stardom and met Aduke.

After dating Dotun for a while, he proposed and they got married.
On the other hand, Nollywood actress Bimbo Thomas who was Doyin’s godmother introduces her to some top Nollywood celebrities, where she became famous in that industry.

No quite long ,one thing led to another in the course of wanting to be everwhere, she met bobrisky, they were very close for a while before they fought.

In all of her gallivanting and wanting relevance , she met taiwo popularly known as bosstee, bosstee is a reknowned lesbian in the industry and a jealous lover at that, when they met people warned her to stay off taiwo because the likes of ini Edo, uche jombo and the rest dey avoid taiwo after their encounter with but she turned deaf ears to them and taiwo continued from where bimbo stopped, introducing her to every dick and Harry in the industry.

Doyin started getting invites to parties, all along mosh was spoiling her oo, giving her money back to back, bough her properties in Lekki, bough her range, their marriage was the envy of all and sundry.

Until Taiwo came fully into their marriage and introduced her to lesbianism proper.

They became partner and taiwo being a jealous lesbian told her to stay away from peoples woman but she can do men, infact she started introducing her to almost all the industry men, that’s what taiwo eletee does , she licks your plate and also serve you round to other industry guys, bimbo who is the Godmother saw all of this and warned her to stay away from taiwo but guess it was too late,before we know what was going on aduke started jumping from one hotel to another, infact sometimes back she was caught in a club with sexy steel kissing, the matter was reported to mosh but he discarded it and said it’s not true, mosh on the other hand was also enjoying his own life too, clubbing with friends, staying out and all while the wife was all over Lagos too, number 1 magodo SOURVENIR, amidst all of this their marriage was still going on well,mosh opened massive shop for her , bought her several cars and properties in Lekki, until December last year wey mosh just bump go him wife shop for one beautiful evening, Fuji artist Malaika was just coming out of Adukes office zipping his trouser when mosh entered, malaika left the scene hurriedly and mosh took up the case with Aduke , she denied bluntly that Malaika came to fix something in her office ni, she started crying for been accused wrongly, which made the husband discard the claim.

Recently , the two love birds went to club and  Aduke got drunk and opened her phone , the thing is both their phones are passworded so no one checks each others phone, infact as Aduke phone was unlocked, mosh had no intentions of checking until one funny message pop up, I CANT WAIT TO Fuck YOU IN THE US.

This made mosh eyes first popped and he ,took his time to ransack the phone, that was where he saw all yeyebrities life spoil put , he saw the nudes Aduke exchanges with her Lesbian partner , he saw lot of conversation and porn video of lateef Adedimeji and Aduke , he broke down into tears at that moment because according to him he said he still bought the Aso Ebi of lateef wedding for him wife not knowing say the two of them were dating.

Mosh continued his search and found Aduke conversation With her godmother Bimbo where she was arranged and pimped to MC, from there he saw malaika  and confirmed it because as at December this girl still denied it and malaika was always hailing her at parties calling her iyawo mosh mosh .

Uncle Ibrahim Chatta to the main culprit , Yomi Gold who impregnated her and they are both aware of it.

Immediately mosh read that part he almost passed out , they had to call friends to come stay with him, Aduke forced her phone from his hand and ran out of the house that night too.

Mosh got a hacker to hack into her email,she deleted alot on her WhatsApp and stored some on her email, it was hacked and mosh got alot of una favorite nudes.
It was after he hacked the email he discovered the father of their first born which is a guy in USA and yomi gold is the father to the second child.

Aduke seeing all this quickly deactivated her Instagram page and attempted to run, mosh go the shop wey him opened for aduke, he destroyed everything there.

I spoil all the things wey dey there , aduke wey come dey make mouth for Snapchat now no fit wait ooo, naso Mama buy ticket wan carry her children run as mosh talk say he needs to do DNA,but she was not able to travel as mosh don dey loud the matter for snap then , immediately Aduke see say matter don cast she turned back and threatened mosh with police and EFCC knowing fully well say that one too na yahoo boy, she arranged with the police yesterday to come pick mosh up make him for write statement say he won’t spill what happened in the family for social media but luckily for mosh him nor dey house when the police came so them no see am arrest , as it is now there is confusion in the camp of all Aduke side prick as them no know whose nude mosh go release first una fit wake tomorrow see Alhaji prick for mark Zuckerberg app abi na chatta epon una go see first , abi boda malaika abi na MC tuta nudes and porn yapa, even her lesbian partner own dey.


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