Gistlover | Concluding Part Of How Mohbad Died

Gistlover | Concluding Part Of How Mohbad Died

Concluding Part Of How Mohbad

 Concluding part: So they had a fight that night, made sure they frustrated Mohbad until he was triggered to punch the friend, the friend also hit him back, the matter sha went down that night of the show and we all thought that was it until Mohbad became so restless saying that place where he was hit by his friend was paining him and he couldn’t move the hand properly, before we know what was going on the hand started swelling, this time he was already going through pains, there is a man Moh talks to on snap, he saved the man’s name as DOCTOR, this man knows a lot too and somebody should please get mohs phone as fast as possible, I will share some of his discussion with the man in my next post.

I have asked mohs wife how we can get the phone but she said the family are with the phone, this phone is very important right now and that name saved as DOCTOR has alot of info, so that very say when the pain got intense, a nurse was invited to come treat him at home, unknowingly to mohs family, it was said that what was used to hit moh doesn’t need any medical treatment it just needs ero antidote,long story Short after rhe injection the pains still didn’t subside that was how they arranged to take him to the hospital and he breath his last, now I have reached out to the wife and she confirmed the fight with the friend, this same friend has a strong link with Naira Marley, like I said in my previous post, anyone Mohbad is close to naira goes after them to harass them or buy them over, the fight was that personal, this Same friend is on his page mourning him like nothing happened.

The oppression going on in this country is so large that everyone is trying to hush hush, everybody is living in fear, even Mohbad family are still under threat as we speak, so any interview you see from them are done under pressure, that’s how a dreaded Drug empire label end the life of a young promising star mohbad with the help of his close friend and Sam Larry, please note that he has escaped a lot of their death trap, not once not twice but he was unlucky this last time, there are still lot of evidence to be released, if anyone can help me get that his phone it will make my work easier.

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