Bursted!!! Actress Debbi Shokoya’s Recent Engagement Was With A Married Man

Bursted!!! Actress Debbi Shokoya’s Recent Engagement Was With A Married Man

A fast rising Yoruba actress and a talented one at that who is daughter of a pastor, Debbi Shokoya turns a home wrecker.
Last week I was chilling on this mark app ooo, fiam from no where I see proposal picture showing the head of a man and Debbie face alone, ahn ahn, Talo ni Ori, who get this head, I waka small again I see Asiwaju baby abi na ijakumo toyin dey call herself, she sef post ordinary head, I said No, I must find who get this head, na so I carryy two left leg again , I enter Biola Bayo page, luckily that one posted full video but still no face, it was there I began to suspect say, ANOTHER MARRIED MAN DOWN!!!

I was hoping it will not be so because Debbie is still a lady in her late twenties and should not settle for less but Alas I was wrong, she settled for less ooo.

I Sha made sure I found who the owner of the head is and it was there I got to know that the owner of the head is no other person than LUKMAN EJALONIBU ah, Lukman keh, this guy just got married recently now, he is one of the guy that works behind the scene for movies and he is one of Lado boys, so how come, I come say ontop this case, I must get to the root of it, before we know what is going on, Toyin and Biola wey post the proposal picture am don comot am sharp sharp for their page , ha, naso I carry my two left leg go interview some people for Lukman family and I got the truth and I have some videos to back them up.

So my source told me that Lukman and his wife had a fight over Debbie when the wife found out that Debbie was sleeping with her husband, the matter was messy but it was a little too late as Debbie is already pregnant, my source also reveals that Lukman begged the wife that she just need Debbie shokoya profile to boost his political career in the future , he said he intends going into politics just like his Boss, Lado of ogun state and he need a public figure to achieve his dream, my source further reveals that the wife disagreed and arrested him because they are still legally married before he impregnate Debbie.

The family interfered and they had to plan a small introduction to cover Debbie’s shame, now what got my attention is, my source reveals that apart from the fact that he wants to use Debbie, he is also a serial blackmailer, he takes videos of how he kisses Debbie, how he makes love to her and send some to his friends bragging that he is the one KNACKING THEIR FAVORITE CELEB, on some occasion Debbie caught him and disregarded it, I have some videos as evidence,he has packed his load and left the house he was living with his legal wife in Arepo estate , he has packed to the 3bedroom flat that Debbie shokoya rented by herself and doesn’t go home again, he sometimes cruise around in Debbie shokoya venza, the wife has been crying about saying he doesnt take the responsibility of their child and that he recently stole her gold and sold it, the guy has been feeding off Debbie Shokoya, I felt it was not normal and I did more investigation, I reached out to few people and I got the shocker of my life.

Source Gistlover

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