Atiku Is A Fraud With 31 Children Hoping To Become Multimillionaires After His Election –Ex-Aide, Achimugu

Atiku Is A Fraud With 31 Children Hoping To Become Multimillionaires After His Election –Ex-Aide, Achimugu

Former PDP presidential media aide, Micheal Achimugu has revealed how the former Vice President Atiku Abubarka in his desperation to become the Nigerian President, and why he got a master’s degree from Anglia Ruskin University, UK.

Achimugu made his revelations of Atiku’s alleged corruption and why Nigerians should not vote for him in the forthcoming presidential election in a video narrating how Atiku, following rumours in 2020 that the Senate wanted to amend the requirements for the presidential seat, desperately sought to get a higher degree from a tertiary institution in Nigeria where it cannot be subjected to scrutiny.

Achimugu, who earlier this month released an audio conversation between him and Atiku where the latter confirmed creating some organisations through which he looted the country’s treasury without it being traced to him, also revealed that Atiku is under intense pressure from his 31 biological children to become Nigeria’s president so they can all become multibillionaires and move their families abroad.

In video footage and audio conversations released by the former Vice President’s ex-aide and seen by SaharaReporters, Achimugu said, “One day in 2020, there were rumours that the Senate wanted to amend the requirements for the office of the president to raise the minimum qualification and Atiku felt that he was the target of that process, so he reached out to me via email and in that email, he said ‘Mike, I would prefer an institution in Nigeria where such qualifications may not be subject of scrutiny. Preferably a Polytechnic. I am under intense pressure. Please hurry up. Thanks, Atiku.’

Achimugu said, “He said that beyond the Senate, his children were also pressuring him to run for office and as such, they wanted him to acquire, through any means necessary, a higher certificate that will make him eligible to run for office. So, he wanted me to help him secure admission in any Polytechnic in Nigeria where he could purchase such a certificate without scrutiny.

I secured admission for him at Federal Polytechnic, Idah and Dorben Polytechnic in Abuja. He sent money and I paid his fees, but I had advised him that the scrutiny he wanted to avoid was not going to be possible because the ever-vigilant DSS (secret police – Department of State Services) were always around the schools, investigating and so there was no way he was going to avoid scrutiny.

“Acting on that advice, somehow he secured admission into Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. I don’t how he did it but he secured a master’s degree from there. But he didn’t go to school because he loves education, he went to school to fulfil his desperation of becoming the president of Nigeria.

“In that email, he had mentioned the fact of his children forcing him, putting him under intense pressure to run for office again. I wondered why but it didn’t take too long for me to find out why. Hauwa is one Atiku’s daughters, and she had told me herself that one of the reasons her brothers, especially Mo, whom she mentioned will do anything for their father to become the president was the fact that he knew that he must become a multimillionaire should his father make it to that office. In her words, “Nothing will stop him.”

“When you put into perspective the fact that Atiku has 31 biological children, each one of them wanting to become a multimillionaire, then you understand why you should be afraid of getting this family to occupy that space.

“I was later to speak with Mo himself and he affirmed what his sister told me. He said that there is no other goal in his life right now than for his father to become president because he knows that when his father wins, his appetite will become larger.

“Also, these children want to emulate their father’s royal lifestyle lived abroad and so it is their dream to relocate abroad with their various families but they feel that the billions they have, even by the admission of their father that they are living comfortable lives here, that those billions are not enough and they need more. So they need their father to become the president so they can embezzle more money and relocate.”

In an audio conversation with Mike, Mo, according to Mike, said, “I’m at a point where my primary interest is just to see Atiku Abubakar become a president. There is no secondary interest for now or special interest for anything. That is the only interest I have now. That once we are successful, then I will see that my appetite will become very very large. That is just what I’m focused on, trying to make him president.

“If I have plenty of money now, I can even move my family out of this country. Abroad is not enjoyable if you don’t have money. If you are in Nigeria and you are used to having one cook, two nannies, one driver, one houseboy, that is five staff. To afford five staff abroad, you have to be a multimillionaire.

“It is not easy and I’m not a multimillionaire and I don’t want to be living this kind of lifestyle here that I’m living in Nigeria comfortably then now go abroad and be living one kind life. Moving is one thing but moving comfortably to match your current lifestyle is another thing. Unless it becomes essential for me to move, I would rather not move until God has blessed our hustle and struggles.”

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